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UFABET Today, we will take you to play games that are fun, relieve stress, and give you unlimited enjoyment, around the year 2375, the reign of the 3rd, which was a period of famine. People refuse to use the money Buried money in the ground หนัง hd

Later solved this problem by establishing a lottery

Later solved this problem by establishing a lottery In order to stimulate the economy During the reign of King Rama III, the King of China, “Chao Hong”, was a liquor tax master Lottery was established since then, when the lottery became popular in Thai society. UFABET แจกโบนัส 100

Therefore, the lottery was issued in Thai characters instead (Which uses the 36 letters) such as A. Sam Lottery B. Ngoo porno etc. Because Thai people can’t read Chinese characters and the name “Hui Lottery” is distorted to be “lottery” to this day. For the lottery that was introduced to play in Thailand, there are only 34 characters.

By cutting 8 characters, that is, the Thai language because it is difficult to write on the nameplate And is known as the “lottery lottery” with the state lottery And whose private sector is the concessionaire The lottery tax officer

Was given the title of “Khun Ban” or as we know it That “dealer lottery” can be said that the revenue from the lottery tax has a lot And considered an important income of the government at that time was the Kor. Lottery

How to play “KorK lottery
Play equipment There are 34 lottery numbers or numbers that will be used to bet (there are 44 Thai consonants, except for only 10 characters that are not defined as a bet, namely lien, phat and S, the remaining letters are stabbing. Can play lottery tickets)

A. Dealer (royal) or the bidder Or servants
B. The general public, including foreigners

How to play

The bettor will book the lottery that he wants to bet to the clerk (broker), just like the current lottery sales representative. By making payment and receiving the end of the lottery terminal
(In the old days, lottery tickets were granted 2 times a day, morning and evening). Before the deadline, lottery vendors would bring stub with money to send to the royal court. To check the number of bookmakers

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