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How to apply for UFABET is an online casino. Easy to play quickly.

How to No matter how many times it has passed, the lottery is still a favorite of everyone in every age and age as well. Because with a long history Making everyone play lottery games, luck is one of the happiness of many people, especially today, we will take you to meet the Malaysian lottery. For the Malaysian lottery Also known as “Magnum” will be released every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, which will announce the lottery results at approximately 6:00 pm onwards, Thailand time.
Predicting is to guess the 4 numbers with 23 prizes as follows: 1st prize is called A1 = 1, 2nd prize is called B1 = 1, 3rd prize is called C1 = 1, 4th prize is called Special = 10 Prize number 5, called Consolation = 10 prizes. In Thailand, the popularity of playing Malaysian lottery in Thai style, that is, Malaysian lottery in Thailand. Malaysian lottery can be used to stab 2 or 3 numbers, like Thai lottery.
The 2-digit and 3-digit prize draw results will be drawn from the 1st and 2nd prize numbers of the Malaysian lottery or Magnum 4D. The format of Malaysian lottery betting in Thailand can be placed as follows: 3 top 3 numbers, 2 top numbers Bottom 2, Bottom Tot 3, Running top 3, Running bottom 2, which can be seen as easy to play Like playing the Thai lottery Plus, there is a high percentage of chances of winning as well. In which, the Malaysian lottery playing style, we present 2 forms that are most popular for playing as follows:

  1. Playing in small or small ways
    Will bet on 4 numbers. Small is to bet 1 set, win 3 prizes A1, B1, C1
    If issuing straight A1 (1st prize) get 3,000 / 1 baht
    If exiting straight B1 (2nd prize) get 2,000 / 1 baht
    If exiting straight C1 (3rd prize) get 1,000 / 1 baht
  2. Play in mBox or set
    Is to play every goal with unique numbers. For example, a set of 6423 names can be switched. There will be 6423, 6432, 6243, 6234, 6342, 6324, 4623, 4632, … up to 3246. All 24 methods are used. Then multiply the amount multiplied by the number of sets played, such as 6423. Each set of 10 is 10 × 24 = 240, but if the set numbers to buy have the same numbers, the number of alternating numbers will be reduced as follows
    1 unique number, for example 4423. Can be switched to 12 digits.
    2 unique numbers, such as 4422. Alternate 6 numbers.
    3 unique numbers, for example 4442 can be switched to 4 numbers
    MBox style can play all prizes such as
    Small box or mBox Small
    MBox Big

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